About Us

Sciué (Shoe-ey) is the realization of a lifelong passion from a collection of memories of a life spent growing up in Rome.

We believe that people appreciate the real thing, so be authentic with your food, be genuine with your service, and respect your customer by the way in which you present yourself. Our mission is to deliver the warmth of Rome by providing the authentic Roman Inspired food and drink experience. Our menu is comprised of fresh, from scratch offerings, made around the clock, every day, throughout the day. Our platform is inspired by genuine Roman-style service, where you get to ‘eat with your eyes’ before eating with your mouth. Our stores were designed to provide a comfortable, inspiring space for you to enjoy your Sciué provided, Roman inspired experience.

Our flagship location at 800 West Pender opened its doors to customers in October 2005. Our Roman Empire has been rocking the Orange since then, growing to four landmarks throughout Downtown Vancouver.